Yucaipa AAU- April 23rd, 2016

Team Champions

Kids/Jr. Team Champion: HD Bulldogs

High School Division Team Champion: Yucaipa

40-45 lbs (K - 1st grade) 1st- Aiden Rodriguez (Desert Warriors) 2nd- Isabella Millan (Adrenaline MMA) 3rd- Dylan Kolby (Fontana) 70- 75 lbs (4th- 5th grade) 1st- Evan Manzo (Adrenaline MMA) 2nd- Richard Lindo (Carter) 3rd- Ashawn Perez (Adrenaline MMA)
50-55 lbs (K- 1st grade) 1st- Cannon Galvan 2nd- Eli Cardenas (Adrenaline MMA)) 3rd- Braiden Roberts (Fontana) 75- 80 lbs (2nd- 3rd grade) 1st- Will Mchargue (Yucaipa) 2nd- Mathew Casas (Yucaipa) 3rd- Elijah Robles (Chapman)
50-55 lbs (2nd- 3rd grade) 1st- Cannon Galvan 2nd- Savannah Gutierrez (Yucaipa) 3rd- Emily Mayorga (Carter) 80- 85 lbs (4th- 5th grade) 1st- Gabriel Garcia (HD Bulldogs) 2nd- Louie Miranda (Adrenaline MMA) 3rd- Juan Pablo Mejia (Mat Hawks)
 60-65 lbs (2nd- 4th grade) 1st- Isaiah Robles (Chapman Heights) 2nd- Andrew Holmes (Mat Hawks) 3rd- Juliana Mendez (Mat Hawks) 85-90 lbs (4th- 5th grade) 1st- Gabriel Garcia (HD Bulldogs) 2nd- Mason Hernandez (Yucaipa) 3rd- Bryce Hitter (Yucaipa)
 65-70 lbs (4th- 5th grade) 1st- Joshua Burgess (HD Bulldogs) 2nd- Micah Mailo (Adrenaline MMA) 3rd- Logan Schaefer (Yucaipa) 110-15lbs (4th- 5th grade) 1st- Corey Khamphua (Yucaipa) 2nd- Robert Cardoza (Team Excel)

Jr. High School Division

98 lbs 1st- Bryant Avila (Carter) 2nd- Alex Cardoza (Team Excel) 3rd- Malaki Mailo (Adrenaline MMA) 120  lbs 1st- Jesus Ortega (HD Bulldogs) 2nd- Jakob Agulia (Golden Valley) 3rd- Elijah Burgess (HD Bulldogs)
113 lbs 1st- Elijah Burgess (HD Bulldogs) 2nd- Ricardo Reyes (Serrano) 3rd- Alex Beltran (Mat Hawks) 132- 38 lbs 1st- David Villa (Mat Hawks) 2nd- Emilio Rodriguez (Mat Hawks) 3rd- Juan Romero (Mat Hawks)
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High School Division

113 lbs 1st- Nicolas Jimenez (Citrus Valley) 2nd- Yanni Lopez (Citrus Hill) 3rd- Jesus Ortega (HD Bulldogs) 152 lbs 1st- AJ Raya (Yucaipa) 2nd- Jerry Rubio (Fontana) 3rd- Carlos Mejia (Citrus Hill)
120 lbs 1st- Jacob Ponce (Yucaipa) 2nd- Ernesto Castro (Valley View) 3rd- David Villa (Mat Hawks) 160 lbs 1st- Jerry Rubio (Fontana) 2nd- Carson Hutchin (Yucaipa) 3rd- Jason Phillips (Yucaipa)
126 lbs 1st- Alberto Garcia (Hillcrest) 2nd- David Jiron (Cajon) 3rd- Marcus Alvarez (Yucaipa) 170- 82 lbs 1st- Santos Flores (Carter) 2nd- Mark Guerreo (Hillcrest) 3rd- Adrian Rios (Carter)
132 lbs 1st- Francisco Zaveta (AB Miller) 2nd- Javier Reyes (San G) 3rd- Jonathan Escamilla (IKE) 195 lbs 1st- Arick Lopez (Yucaipa) 2nd- Luis Melecio (Bloomington) 3rd- David Lomeli (Yucaipa)
138 lbs 1st- Judah Chambers (Carter) 2nd- Miguel Gallardo (Carter) 3rd- Javier Reyes (San G)  220- HWT lbs  1st- Stephen Salazar (Bloomington) 2nd- Arick Lopez (Yucaipa) 3rd- Luis Melecio (Bloomington)
 145 lbs  1st- Anthony Loera (Yucaipa) 2nd- Miguel Flores (AB Miller) 3rd- Austyn Figueroa (Bloomington)

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