Rancho Verde AAU- May 17th, 2014

Team Champions

Kids/Jr. High School Division Team Champion: Citrus Mat Hawks


High School Division Team Champion: Citrus Hill High

Kids Division

40-45 lbs (K-2nd grade)
1st- Kaison Clifford (CVBJJ)
2nd- JoJo Alvillar (Citrus Mat Hawks)
3rd- Daniel Zamora
70-75 lbs (3rd-5th grade)
1st- Sonny Kling (Citrus Mat Hawks)
2nd- Sebastian Garza (Desert Cities Wrestling)
3rd- Gabriel Schumm (Citrus Mat Hawks)
50-55 lbs (2nd-3rd grade)
1st- Jacob Guemmero (Kistlers Dungeon)
2nd- Darius Zaremka (CSDR)
3rd- Ty Booth (CSDR)
75-80 lbs (2nd-3rd grade)
1st- Sonny Kling (Citrus Mat Hawks)
2nd- Johnny Zomalt (Citrus Mat Hawks)
3rd- Adams Trevin (CSDR)
55-60 lbs (K - 1st grade)
1st- Aaron Porter (Citrus Mat Hawks)
2nd- Andrew Holmes (Citrus Mat Hawks)
3rd- Christian Clemons (West Coast Warriors)
75-80 lbs (4th-5th grade)
1st- Sebastian Garza (Desert Cities Wrestling)
2nd- Triston Crawford (CVBJJ)
3rd- Brian Thorpe (Etiwanda)
55-60 lbs (2nd - 3rd grade)
1st- Evan Manzo (Adrenaline MMA)
2nd- Durand Johnson (Adrenaline MMA)
3rd- June Zarius (CSDR)
85-90 lbs (3rd-5th grade)
1st- David Villa (Citrus Mat Hawks)
2nd- Nathan Ramirez (CVBJJ)
3rd- Caleb Fisher (Desert Cities Wrestling)
60-65 lbs (1st-3rd grade)
1st- Evan Manzo (Adrenaline MMA)
2nd- Richard Lindo (West Coast Warriors)
3rd- Karson Rodriguez (Citrus Mat Hawks)
100-10 lbs (2nd-3rd grade)
1st- Conor Peterson (Menifee Wrestling)
2nd- Billy Freer (Desert Cities Wrestling_
3rd- Harison Abacherli (Abacherli Wrestling)
67-70 lbs (4th-5th grade)
1st- Gabriel Schumm (Citrus Mat Hawks)
2nd- Adrian Castro (Desert Cities Wrestling)
125-35 lbs (4th-5th grade)
1st-AJ Porter (Citrus Mat Hawks)
2nd- Sebastian Cardenas (Desert Cities Wrestling)

Jr. High School Division

84-98 lbs
1st- Ethan Gould (Calvary Chapel)
2nd- Frank Abacherli (Abacherli Wrestling)
3rd- Conor Peterson (Menifee Wrestling)
126 lbs
1st- Haiden Gonzales (Adrenaline MMA)
2nd- Caitlin Cardenas (Desert Cities Wrestling)
3rd- Manuel Quevedo (Citrus Mat Hawks)

106 lbs
1st- Ethan Gould (Calvary Chapel)
2nd- Damien Montes (Adrenaline MMA)
3rd- Ethan Guerro (Kistlers Dungeon)
145 lbs
1st- Johnny Gallegos (Citrus Mat Hawks)
2nd- Jesus Alcantar (Citrus Mat Hawks)
3rd- Chris Martin

1st- Jeremiah Behnke (Kistlers Dungeon)
2nd- Joshua Alvarez (Banning)
3rd- Vicente Favela (Citrus Mat Hawks)

High School

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106 lbs
1st- Joel Avila (Team TJ)
2nd- Brenden Frierson (Valley View)
3rd- Damien Montes (Adrenaline MMA)
152 lbs
1st- Jeremy Huang (El Modena)
2nd- Andrew Fyfe (Citrus Hill)
3rd-Joseph Valdez (Team TJ)

113 lbs
1st- Joel Avila (Team TJ)
2nd- Raymond Garcia (Citrus Hill)
3rd- Jeremiah Behnke (Kistlers Dungeon)
160 lbs
1st- Sammuel Baladran (Chaffey)
2nd- David Partida (Damien)
3rd- Raymond Lopez (Citrus Hill)

120 lbs
1st- Reece Galvan (Team TJ)
2nd- AJ Raya (Adrenaline MMA)
3rd- Kevin Pelligrini (Citrus Hill)
170 lbs
1st- Daniel Chavez (Adrenaline MMA)
2nd- Joshua Mcleod (Banning)
3rd- Armando Torres (Citrus Hill)

126 lbs
1st- Alex Padilla (Citrus Hill)
2nd- Ben Stenson (El Modena)
3rd- Kenneth Maust (Cajon)
182-195 lbs
1st- Daniel Chavez (Adrenaline MMA)
2nd- Joel Villa (Cirtus Hill)
3rd- Dylan Alvarado (El Modena)

132 lbs
1st- Daniel Alcantar (Citrus Hill)
2nd- Shane Grant (San Jacinto)
3rd- Kenneth Maust (Cajon)
220 lbs
1st- Joel Hidalgo (Adrenaline MMA)
2nd- JC Alvarez (Banning)
3rd- Robert Vargas (Citrus Hill)

1st- Anthony Vargas (Citrus Hill)
2nd- Tive Torres (Rancho Verde)
3rd- Norberto Buenrastro (Citrus Hill)
285 lbs
1st- Joel Hidalgo (Adrenaline MMA)
2nd- Brian Perona (Banning)
3rd- David Roosevelt (Citrus Hill)

145 lbs
1st- Tive Torres (Rancho Verde)
2nd- Andrew Fyfe (Citrus Hill)
3rd- Jacob Arellano (Team TJ)


*CVBJJ- Coachella Valley Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
*CSDR- California School for the Deaf, Riverside


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