Rancho Verde AAU – April 12th, 2014

Team Champions

Kids/Jr. High School Division Team Champion: Citrus Mat Hawks


High School Division Team Champion: Citrus Hill High

Kids Division

40 - 45 lbs (K - 1st grade)
1st- John Overgag (CVBJJ)
2nd- Jose Alvillar (Citrus Mat Hawks)
3rd- Joseph Arce (SJ Tigers)


70 - 75 lbs (2nd - 3rd grade)

1st- Sonny Kling (SJ Tigers)
2nd- Anthony Porter (Citrus Mat Hawks)
3rd- Victor Gutierrez


45 - 50 lbs
1st- John Overgag (CVBJJ)
2nd- Kaison Clifford (CVBJJ)
3rd- Jack Holguin (Etiwanda)


70 - 75 lbs (4th - 5th grade)
1st- Gabriel Schumm (Citrus Mat Hawks)
2nd- Luke Ceja (Desert Cities Wrestling)
3rd- Sebastian Garza (Desert Cities Wrestling)


50 - 55 lbs (K - 1st grade)
1st- Gabriel Barragan (SJ Tigers)
2nd- Aaron Porter (Citrus Mat Hawks)
3rd- Gio Visco (CSDR)


75 - 80 lbs (2nd - 3rd grade)
1st- Sonny Kling (SJ Tigers)
2nd- Jonathon Zomalt
3rd- Ray Robelvo (Kistlers Dungeon)


50 - 55 lbs (2nd - 3rd grade)
1st- Jake Gutierrez (Adrenaline MMA)
2nd- Mateo Ochoa (Kistlers Dungeon)
3rd- Xaiver Alverez (Adrenaline MMA)


75 - 80 lbs (4th - 5th grade)

1st- Sebastian Garza (Desert Cities Wrestling)
2nd- Logan Tuggle (Yucca Valley)
3rd- Zachary Fenex (Kistlers Dungeon)


55 - 60 lbs
1st- Evan Manzo (Adrenaline MMA)
2nd- Luke Lara (Kistlers Dungeon)
3rd- Daniel Sanchez (Citrus Mat Hawks)


85 - 90 lbs
1st- David Villa (Citrus Mat Hawks)
2nd- Logan Tuggle (Yucca Valley)
3rd- Andrew Avelar (Adrenaline)


60 - 65 lbs (K - 1st grade)
1st- Richard Lindo (West Coast Warriors)
2nd- Martin Nunez (SJ Tigers)
3rd- Pete Hernandez (Desert Cities Wrestling)



105 - 110 lbs
1st- Marquez Hernandez (West Coast Warriors)
2nd- Harrison Abacherli (Abacherli Wrestling)
3rd- Billy Freer (Desert Cities Wrestling)


65 - 70 lbs (4th - 5th grade)

1st- Gabriel Schumm (Citrus Mat Hawks)
2nd- Isaiah Montana (Adrenaline MMA)
3rd- Adrian Castro (Desert Cities Wrestling)


115 - 125 lbs
1st- Sebastian Cardenas (Desert Cities Wrestling)
2nd- Billy Freer (Desert Cities Wrestling)
3rd- Isaac Quezada (Citrus Mat Hawks)


Jr. High School Division

86 lbs
1st- Frank Abacherli (Abacherli Wrestling)
2nd- Antoni Perona (Citrus Mat Hawks)
3rd- Caden Freer (Desert Cities Wrestling)


126 - 132 lbs
1st- Salvador Mancia (Cajon)
2nd- Caitlin Cardenas (Desert Cities Wrestling)
3rd- Isaac Esparza (Citrus Mat Hawks)


98 lbs
1st- Nickolas Garcia (Cajon)
2nd- Daniel Fenex (Kistlers Dungeon)
3rd- Yanni Lopez (Citrus Mat Hawks)


138 lbs
1st- Johny Gallegos (Citrus Mat Hawks)
2nd- Alex Avelar (Adrenaline)
3rd- Jesus Alcantar (Citrus Mat Hawks)


106 lbs

1st- Jeremaih Behnke (Kistlers Dungeon)
2nd- Elijah

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Garcia (Cajon)
3rd- Luke Lussier (Team Jackrabbit)


170 - 182 lbs
1st- Max Ramirez (Citrus Mat Hawks)
2nd- Raymond Lopez (Pinicate)
3rd- Sammy Toporco (Pinicate)


113 lbs

1st- Damien Montes (Adrenaline)
2nd- Ethan Guerero (Kistlers Dungeon)
3rd- Jose Cardenas (Citrus Mat Hawks)


High School Division

106 lbs
1st- Brenden Frierson (Valley View)
2nd- Austin St. George (Ramona)
3rd- Jeremaih Behnke (Kistlers Dungeon)


152 lbs

1st- Christian MacBrayne (Kistlers Dungeon)
2nd- Jeremy Huang (El Modena)
3rd- Andrew Fyfe (Citrus Hill)


113 lbs
1st- Kevin Pelligrini (Citrus Hill)
2nd- Gabriel Villegas (Canyon Springs)
3rd- Raymond Garcia (Cirtus Hill)


160 lbs
1st- David Keers (REV)
2nd- Sam Lopez (Cajon)
3rd- Robert Castaneda (Cajon)


120 lbs
1st- Aaron Diaz (Canyon Springs)
2nd- Billy Mauldin (Indio)
3rd- Ethan Diaz (Canyon Springs)


170 lbs
1st- Michael Suarez (Desert Cities Wrestling)
2nd- Ruben Ponce (La Quinta)
3rd- David Keers (REV)


126 lbs
1st- Ethan Taylor (Chino)
2nd- George Sanchez (Citrus Valley)
3rd- Jordan Juarez (Indio)


184 lbs
1st- Joel Villa (Citrus Hill)
2nd- Dylan Alvarado (El Modena)
3rd- Christian Cardenas (Cajon)


132 lbs
1st- Matthew Padilla (Citrus Hill)
2nd- Daniel Alcorriar (Citrus Hill)
3rd- Jose Eusamand (Chino)


195 lbs

1st- Brendan Adkins (Indio)
2nd- Kannon Fobes (Cajon)
3rd- Raul Robles (Rancho Verde)


138 lbs

1st- Norberto Buenrastro (Citrus Hill)
2nd- Victor Guevara
3rd- Delbert O’Brien (Yucca Valley)


220 lbs

1st- Joel Hidalgo (Adrenaline MMA)
2nd- Alex Loza (Bruins Elite)
3rd- Andre Williams (Rancho Verde)


145 lbs

1st- Anthony Espinoza (Yucca Valley)
2nd- David Partida (Damien)
3rd- Jamie Ruff (Cajon)



1st- Fernando Aguilar (El Modena)
2nd- Damien Baeajol (Citrus Hill)
3rd- Miguel Carrasco (Colton)



*CVBJJ- Coachella Valley Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


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