Palm Desert AAU- April 2nd, 2016

Team Champions

Kids/Jr. Team Champion: Desert Warriors

High School Division Team Champion: Rancho Mirrage

30- 35 lbs (K - 1st grade) 1st- Abel Angulo (Desert Warriors) 2nd- Ivan Angulo (Desert Warriors) 3rd- Cain Rodriguez (Desert Warriors) 60- 65 lbs (4th- 5th grade) 1st- Olivia Lopez (Temecula) 2nd- Leland Hodges (CVBJJ) 3rd- Ethan Fernandez (Adrenaline MMA)
40- 45 lbs (K- 1st grade) 1st- Aiden Rodriguez (Desert Warriors) 2nd- Isabella Millan (Adrenaline MMA) 3rd- Evelyn Lopez (Temecula) 65-70 lbs (4th- 5th grade) 1st- Ashawn Perez (Adrenaline MMA) 2nd- Rylan Metzger (HD Bulldogs) 3rd- Malaki Lopez
45- 50 lbs (K - 1st grade) 1st- Mathius Garza (Adrenaline MMA) 2nd- Braiden Roberts (Fontana) 3rd- Edward Ramirez (Desert Warriors) 70-75 lbs (2nd- 3rd grade) 1st- Collin Robinson (HD Bulldogs) 2nd- Kelvin Tan (Rancho Mirage) 3rd- Angel Ramirez (Desert Warriors)
 55- 60 lbs (2nd- 3rd grade) 1st- Leland Hodges (CVBJJ) 2nd- Mathius Garza (Adrenaline MMA) 3rd- Josiah Tessandore (TRU MMA) 80-85 lbs (4th- 5th grade) 1st- Gabriel Garcia (HD Bulldogs) 2nd- Saul Mireles (TRU MMA) 3rd- Peyton Metzger (HD Bulldogs)

Jr. High School Division

84- 91 lbs 1st- Manuel Angulo (Desert Warriors) 2nd- Gabriel Garcia (HD Bulldogs) 3rd- Marc Beruman (TRU MMA) 126- 32  lbs 1st- Troy Warrell (LC Middle) 2nd- Logan Grant (K12)
106 lbs 1st- Elijah Burgess (TRU MMA) 2nd- David Martinez (Desert Warriors) 3rd- Manuel Angulo (Desert Warriors) 145 lbs 1st- Bryan Lopez (Hamilton) 2nd- Jorge Castro (Desert Warriors)
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High School Division

106- 13 lbs 1st- Shanii McBroom (Oak Hills) 2nd- Kurt Tan (Rancho Mirage) 3rd- Eduardo Mendoza (La Sierra) 160- 70 lbs 1st- Cameron Vandyke (Palm Desert) 2nd- Zahid Ramirez (Rancho Mirrage) 3rd- Jerry Rubio (Fontana)
120 lbs 1st- Alan Herrera (Hillcrest) 2nd- Shanii McBroom (Oak Hills) 3rd- Sonny Campos (Etiwanda) 182 lbs 1st- Roman Miguel (Rancho Mirage) 2nd- Juan Lopez (Hamilton) 3rd- Aaron Hernandez (Shadow Hills)
132 lbs 1st- Alberto Garcia (Hillcrest) 2nd- Elian Gonzales (Norte Vista) 3rd- Owen Vargas (Hamilton) 195 lbs 1st- Aaron Alexander (Yucca Valley) 2nd- Nolan Grant (Hamilton) 3rd- Juan Lopez (Hamilton)
138- 45 lbs 1st- Miguel Flores (AB Miller) 2nd- Mikey Ornelas (Adrenaline MMA) 3rd- Lucio Sanchez (La Quinta) 220 lbs 1st- Luis Garcia (Norte Vista) 2nd- Martin Navarro (Palm Desert) 3rd- Richard Rico (Indio)
152 lbs 1st- Zahid Ramirez (Rancho Mirrage) 2nd- Joe Garcia (TRU MMA) 3rd- Bryan Quintero (Fontana)

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