Club Requirements

The AAU Membership year runs from September 1st – August 31st.



1. Join:


Each school/club who would like to join the Association must pay a  $50 yearly entry fee. The fee is non-refundable to maintain club membership and Tournament Sanctioning.  



2. Club Charter:


Each school is to write a club charter and elect a board so as to represent each club: President, Vice-president, and Secretary. One member is to attend the SPWAAU meeting held on the first Wednesday of each month approximately at 7:00 pm, site pre-arranged by chairman.  



3. Members:


Each club/school is to sign up a minimum of ten wrestlers for each club to maintain good standing and will be a voting member each year.  



4. Hosting Tournaments:


Each club/school (if possible) is to sponsor a tournament during the season. Sanction form and fee must be in by October of each year. Clubs will assist at AAU tournaments. Host club will provide awards. If the host team needs any assistance call SPWAAU Co-Chairman for assistance, medals, mats, etc. so that we can help you put on a good tournament.



5. Assignments:


Each club/school hosting a tournament will be able to arrange for mats, timers, referees, and head table. Association members will assist the host coach/team run their tournament. We help each other so as to succeed.  



6. Certification:


Each club will have a coach with an AAU Coaching Certification Card and to Pursue Officials Card in the future.  



7. AAU Cards (At Tournament):


Cards are $20 for Students and Coaches. Cards will be sold at every tournament site and wrestling equipment sold (if arranged by tournament host club, director, or co-chairman).  



8. Admission and Registration Fee:


AAU card fee goes to National AAU Insurance Organization. Registration fee is to be divided between Association and Club.  



9. Association Fee:


If AAU sanctioned member school holds tournament, association will receive $2.00 per wrestler. If the club cannot pay we will make a pre-tournament arrangement.  



10. Hosting Tournaments:


Each club/school will keep the gate and snack bar revenue. SPWAAU will host and sponsor 8 or more wrestling tournaments per year. We want your school to make money as a summer fundraiser to be successful.