Colton AAU- May 2nd, 2015

Team Champions

Kids/Jr. High School Division Team Champion: Adrenaline MMA


High School Division Team Champion: Citrus Hills

Kids Division

35 - 40 lbs (K - 1st grade) 1st- Isabla Millan (Adrenaline MMA) 2nd- Olivia Millan (Adrenaline MMA) 3rd- Zander Tesoro (Citrus Hills) 70- 75 lbs (4th-6th grade) 1st- Justin Rodriguez (CVBJJ) 2nd- Fernando Barreto (Pounders) 3rd- Trenton Pagaduan (Adrenaline MMA)
40 - 45 lbs (K- 1st grade) 1st- Isaac Rodriguez (Adrenaline MMA) 2nd- Mathius Garza (Adrenaline MMA) 3rd- Andrew Acosta (Carter) 75- 80 lbs (2nd-4th grade) 1st- Fernando Barreto (Pounders) 2nd- Karson Rodriguez (Citrus Hills) 3rd- Diego Montes (CVBJJ)
50- 55 lbs (1st- 3rd grade) 1st- Ronnie Ramirez (Pounders) 2nd- Xavier Alvarez (Adrenaline MMA) 3rd- Juliana Mendez (Citrus Hills) 80- 85 lbs (4th-5th grade) 1st- Sonny Kling (Citrus Hills) 2nd- Gabriel Schumm (Citrus Hills)
55- 60 lbs (1st- 3rd grade) 1st-Micaih Mailo (Adrenaline MMA) 2nd- Matt Wiseman (Adrenaline MMA) 3rd- Camilo Ramirez (Pounders) 85- 90 lbs (4th- 5th grade) 1st- Malaki Mailo (Adrenaline MMA) 2nd- Emily Rodriguez (Carter) 3rd-
65- 70 lbs (2nd- 4th grade) 1st- Nick Wiseman (Adrenaline MMA) 2nd- Adam Horcasitas (Citrus Hills) 3rd- Dominic Johnson (Arlington) 90-100 lbs (3rd- 5th grade) 1st- Johnny Zomalt (Citrus Hills) 2nd- Gerald Sanchez (Fontana) 3rd- Robert Cardoza

Jr. High School Division

86 lbs 1st- Alex Ramirez (Pounders) 2nd- Brendan Hartbarger (Citrus Hills) 3rd- Alexander Cardoza 120- 30  lbs 1st- Damien Montes (Adrenaline MMA) 2nd- Vicente Favela (Citrus Hills) 3rd- Angelo Ganac (Los Osos)
90-100 lbs 1st- Brian Leon (Pounders) 2nd- Brendan Hartbarger (Citrus Hills) 3rd- Raymond Acosta (Carter) 200 lbs 1st- Onher Sandha (Yucca Valley) 2nd- Daniel Reyes (Fontana)
106 lbs 1st- Daniel McNicholl (Los Osos) 2nd- David Villa (Citrus Hills) 3rd- Adam Amaya (Carter)
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High School Division

106 lbs 1st- Kristian Bacarro (San G) 2nd- Alex Ramirez (Pounders) 3rd- Daniel McNicholl (Los Osos) 152 lbs 1st- Jose Celis 2nd- Juan Rodriguez (Citrus Hills) 3rd- Jacob Sanchez (Rialto)
113 lbs 1st- Jacob Ponce (Adrenaline MMA) 2nd- Miguel Gallardo (Carter) 3rd- Gabriel Felix (Tru MMA) 160 lbs 1st- Buddy Mancia (Cajon) 2nd- Edson Cojalon (Grand Terrace) 3rd- Jacob Sanchez (Rialto)
120 lbs 1st- Wilmer Ardon (Carter) 2nd- Mark Avila (Carter) 3rd- Alan Herrera (Hillcrest) 170 lbs 1st- Daniel Chavez (Colton) 2nd- Peyton Riffner (Alta Loma) 3rd- Jacob Wright (Los Osos)
126 lbs 1st- David Medina (Hillcrest) 2nd- Trevor Scott (Yucca Valley) 3rd- Rio Fuerte (Grand Terrace) 182 lbs 1st- Peyton Riffner (Alta Loma) 2nd- Shirley Tyree (Grand Terrace) 3rd- Daniel Chavez (Colton)
132 lbs 1st- Norberto Buenrostro (Citrus Hills) 2nd- Erick Lucero (Etiwanda) 3rd- Anthony Torrez (Cajon) 195 lbs 1st- Joel Villa (Citrus Hills) 2nd- Marcus Martinez (Chaffey) 3rd- Danny Zavala (San G)
138 lbs 1st- Anthony Vargas (Citrus Hills) 2nd- Miguel Flores (AB Miller) 3rd- Thomas Ramirez (AB Miller) 220 lbs 1st- Marcus Martinez (Chaffey) 2nd- Earl Steven (Citrus Valley) 3rd- Oncar Sandha (Yucca Valley)
145 lbs 1st- Miguel Flores (AB Miller) 2nd- Kaomi Johnson (Carter) 3rd- Jorge Tejeda (Hillcrest) HWT lbs 1st- Andrew Mena (Grand Terrace) 2nd- Jamie Garcia (Tru MMA) 3rd- Giovanni Gallardo (Carter)
*CVBJJ- Coachella Valley Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu *ASG- Academy of Striking & Grappling  

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