Bloomington AAU- June 28th, 2014

Team Champions

Kids/Jr. High School Division Team Champion: Citrus Mat Hawks


High School Division Team Champion: Team TJ

Kids Division

40-45 lbs (K-1st grade)
1st- Jojo Avillar (Citrus Mat Hawks)
2nd- Richard Zarraga (Fontana)
3rd- Andrew Acosta Hughbanks
65-70 lbs (2nd-4th grade)
1st- Isaiah Montana (Adrenaline)
2nd- Anthony Porter (Citrus Mat Hawks)
3rd- Anthony Lindo (Carter)

45-50 lbs (1st-3rd grade)
1st- Aaron Porter (Citrus Mat Haks)
2nd- Alexia Valdez
3rd- Megan Valdez (ASG)
75-80 lbs (4th-5th grade)
1st- Gabriel Schumm(Citrus Mat Hawks)
2nd- Phillip Saucedo (Citrus Mat Hawks)
3rd- Andrew Tafolla (Deer Canyon)

55-60 lbs (2nd-4th grade)
1st- Elijah Flores (Team So Cal)
2nd- Paul Knapp (ASG)
3rd- Daniel Sanchez (Redlands)
80-85 lbs (4th-5th grade)
1st- Johnny Zomalt (Citrus Mat Hawks)
2nd- Dominic Ventura (Fontana)
3rd- Carter Ash (Redlands)

60-65 lbs (3rd-4th grade)
1st- Elijah Flores (Team So Cal)
2nd- Richard Lindo (Carter)
3rd- James Gauntlet (ASG)
95-100 lbs (4th-5th grade)
1st- David Villa (Citrus Mat Hawks)
2nd- Marshall Platt (Tru MMA)
3rd- Devin Peries (South Pasadena)


Jr. High School Division

70 lbs
1st- Gabriel Shumm (Citrus Mat Hawks)
2nd- Cristian Loera (San Fernando)
3rd- Devean Castro (Redlands)
113-20 lbs
1st- Steven Chavez (Carter)
2nd- Hunter Rodriguez (Tru MMA)
3rd- Joshua Alvarez (Banning)

1st- Chris Balladarez (Tru MMA)
2nd- Joseph Abeyta (Chino Hills)
3rd- Cheyenne Hallaorin (Tru MMA)
132 lbs
1st- Hunter Rodriguez (Tru MMA)
2nd- Sophia Mendoza (Bloomington)

98 lbs
1st- Evan Azurdia (San Fernando)
2nd- Nickolas Garcia (Cajon)
3rd- Chris Robles (Citrus Mat Hawks)
145 lbs
1st- Salvador Mancia (Cajon)
2nd- Joseph Howe (Carter)

106 lbs
1st- Kobe Lepe (San Fernando)
2nd- Jacob Ponce (Adrenaline MMA)
3rd- Mark Avila (Carter)

High School Division


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106-13 lbs
1st- Joel Avila (Team TJ)
2nd- Isaiah Hinojosa (Tru MMA)
3rd- Zane Wilmousky
160 lbs
1st- Andrew Fyfe (Citrus Hill)
2nd- Benjamine Noriega (Rancho Verde)
3rd- Jacob Wright (Los Osos)

120 lbs
1st- Joel Avila (Team TJ)
2nd- George Sanchez (Citrus Valley)
3rd- Kevin Mejia (ASG)
170 lbs
1st- Adam Cervantes(Los Osos)
2nd- Allen Bonilla (Carter)
3rd- Estevan Saldana (Cajon)

126 lbs
1st- Gonzalo Meza (Team TJ)
2nd- Anthony Torrez (Cajon)
3rd- Abe Cervantes (Los Osos)
182 lbs
1st- Canon Fobes (Cajon)
2nd- Joshua Mcloud (Banning)
3rd- Anthony Barela (Yucca Valley)

132 lbs
1st- Ethan Taylor (Chino)
2nd- Velasquez Cesar (Team TJ)
3rd- Gonzalo Meza (Team TJ)
195 lbs
1st- Emmanuel Correa (Tru MMA)
2nd- Canon Fobes (Cajon)
3rd- Tommy Rojas (Team TJ)

138 lbs
1st- Anthony Vargas (Citrus Hill)
2nd- Jake Jimenez (Chapparal)
3rd- Jacob Arellano (Team TJ)
220 lbs
1st- Emmanuel Correa (Tru MMA)
2nd- Aravier Soto (Fontana)
3rd- Marcus Martinez (Chaffey)

1st- Anthony Vargas (Citrus Hill)
2nd- Jacob Arellano (Team TJ)
3rd- Jacob Reyes (Etiwanda)
285 lbs
1st- Alex Loza (Bloomington)
2nd- Aravier Soto (Fontana)
3rd- Jc Alvarez (Banning)

152 lbs
1st- Juan Heredia (Carter)
2nd- Jacob Reyes (Etiwanda)
3rd- Jacob Wright (Los Osos)


*CVBJJ- Coachella Valley Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
*CSDR- California School for the Deaf, Riverside
*ASG -Academy of Striking & Grappling

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