Beaumont AAU – May 7th, 2011

Team Champions

Kids/Jr. High School Division Team Champion: Redlands Youth


High School Division Team Champion: Beaumont High School

Kids School Division

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45 lbs
1st- Alyssa Azcarte (Redlands Youth)
2nd- Devin Thompson (Redlands Youth)
3rd- Joseph Gaitan (Redlands Youth)


75 lbs
1st- Ashton LLanes (Colton Stingers)
2nd- Sammy Lung (Jets)
3rd- Michael Thacker (Heritage)


50 lbs
1st- Beau Mantanona (Pounders)
2nd- David Martinez (Redlands Youth)
3rd- Sammy Mendoza (Colton Stingers)


80 lbs
1st- Troy Mantanona (Pounders)
2nd- Anthony Loera (Redlands Youth)
3rd- Miguel Gallardo (Warriors)


55 lbs
1st- Isaiah Martinez (Redlands Youth)
2nd- Beau Mantanona (Pounders)
3rd- MJ Gaitan (Redlands Youth)


90 lbs
1st- Thomas Rippy (Redlands Youth)
2nd- Raymond Martin
3rd- Ezekiel Alfonso (Redlands Youth)


60 lbs
1st- Daniel Herra (Mt. Vista)
2nd- Josh Russo (Yucaipa)
3rd- Sadie Bontam (Brickyard Brawlers)


103 lbs
1st- Dante Dullas (San Clemente)
2nd- Bailey Bird (Valley)
3rd- Richard Acaba (Colton Stingers)


65 lbs
1st- Eric Santana (Pounders)
2nd- Korey Mendoza (Colton Stingers)
3rd- Nathaniel Poole (U.S. Grant)


112 lbs
1st- Gavin Bontam (Brickyard Brawlers)
2nd- Blake Cale (Redlands Youth)
3rd- Arnold Ramirez (Redlands Youth)


70 lbs (Age 6-8)
1st- Daniel Herra (Mt. Vista)
2nd- Jayden Castro (Colton Stingers)
3rd- Layin Cohway (Redlands Youth)


1st- Michael Johnson (Redlands Youth)
2nd- Giovanni Gallardo
3rd- Aaron Zamora (Brickyard Brawlers)


70 lbs (Age 9-10)
1st- Eric Santana (Pounders)
2nd- Ashton LLanes (Colton Stingers)
3rd- Drew Gerken (Redlands Youth)


Jr. High School Division

103 lbs
1st- Logan Odenbaugh (Colton Stingers)
2nd- Troy Mantanona (Pounders)
3rd- Elena Gomez (Colton Stingers)


130 lbs
1st- Toma Harrison (Brickyard Brawlers)
2nd- Benjamin Williams (Redlands Youth)
3rd- Anthony Benson (Redlands Youth)


112 lbs
1st- Eric Reyes (Beaumont)
2nd- Bryan Flores (Brickyard Brawlers)
3rd- Hainrich Wolfgramm (Redlands Youth)


195 lbs
1st- John Rippy (Redlands Youth)
2nd- John Phillips (Carter)


High School Division

106 lbs
1st- Jonathan Montes (Fontana)
2nd- Skorpio Duarte (San Gorgonio)
3rd- Joshua Urrea (Colton)


170 lbs
1st- Jerome Duarte (San Gorgonio)
2nd- Sergio Alcala (AB Miller)
3rd- Ricardo Montes (Beaumont)


120 lbs
1st- Branden Vasquez (JW North)
2nd- Jordan Dinnaner (Yucaipa)
3rd- Malina Nelson (Beaumont)


182 lbs
1st- Eric Beckham (Yucaipa)
2nd- Ulysses Ramirez (Beaumont)
3rd- Kaulin Garcia (Damien)


127 lbs
1st- Terrill Sidener (Beaumont)
2nd- Marty Grimes (Beaumont)
3rd- Anthony Reyes (Etiwanda)


195 lbs
1st- Raymond Sanchez (AB Miller)
2nd- Ulysses Ramirez (Beaumont)
3rd- Martin Aguilar (Beaumont)


138 lbs
1st- Adam Salcido (Fontana)
2nd- Zach Russo (Yucaipa)
3rd- Terrill Sidener (Beaumont)


1st- Tony Pietropaula (Beaumont)
2nd- John Russo (Yucaipa)


145 lbs
1st- Sergio Alcala (AB Miller)
2nd- Lawrence Crawford (JW North)
3rd- Kimo Faubion (JW North)


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