Beaumont AAU – May 5th, 2012

Kids Division

45 lbs
1st- Andrew Ulloa (Warriors)
2nd- Brandon Wann (Yucaipa)


75 lbs (3rd - 4th)
1st- Ethan Gates (Redlands Youth)
2nd- Brendan Hartberger (Redlands Youth)
3rd- Nick Zavala (Redlands Youth)


50 lbs (K - 1st)
1st- Brock Mantanona (Pounders)
2nd- Carter Clines (Redlands Youth)
3rd- Mateo Ochoa (Kistler Dungeon)


70 lbs
1st- Luke Lussier (Victor Valley)
2nd- Josh Russo (Yucaipa)
3rd- Jayden Castro (Redlands Youth)


50 lbs (2nd - 3rd)
1st- Beau Mantanona (Pounders)
2nd- Luke Ceja (Wolfpack)
3rd- Zafan Nathanson (CSDR*)


80 lbs
1st- Logan Galvez (Cobra Kai)
2nd- Luke Lussier (Victor Valley)


53 lbs
1st- Brock Mantanona (Pounders)
2nd- Andrew Lopez (Cajon)
3rd- Jackson Kostiuk (Craw)


76 - 86 lbs
1st- Sunny Luna (Cobra Kai)
2nd- David Gates (Redlands Youth)
3rd- Damien Sanchez (Redlands Youth)


60 lbs
1st- Abel Gaitan (Redlands Youth)
2nd- Tyler Smith (Redlands Youth)
3rd- Zarek Nathanson (CSDR*)


95 lbs
1st- Anthony Castro (Redlands Youth)
2nd- Alex Villanueva (Brickyard Brawlers)
3rd- Jayden Castro (Redlands Youth)


65 lbs (K - 2nd)
1st- Beau Mantanona (Pounders)
2nd- Gabriel Azhocar (Redlands Youth)
3rd- Isiah Montana (Redlands Youth)


100 - 110 lbs
1st- Isaiah DeJournett (Brickyard Brawlers)
2nd- Zeth Santos (Cajon)


65 lbs (2nd - 3rd)
1st- Julian Leon (Pounders)
2nd- Cameron DeJournett (Brickyard Brawlers)


Jr. High School Division

85 lbs
1st- Daniel Galvan (Pounders)
2nd- Sunny Luna (Cobra Kai)
3rd- Jesus Zavala (Redlands Youth)


130 lbs
1st- Steve Renderos (Redlands Youth)
2nd- Xavier Morales (Brickyard Brawlers)
3rd- Bailey Bird (Valley)


95 lbs
1st- David Sanchez (Redlands Youth)
2nd- Dylan Mcgee (Redlands Youth)

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James Johnston (Redlands Youth)


190 lbs
1st- Marcus Martinez (Chaffey)
2nd- Nicholas Martinez (Pinon Mesa)


112 lbs
1st- Oscar Renderos (Redlands Youth)
2nd- Anthony Loera (Redlands Youth)
3rd- Henry Orhelas (Chavez)



High School Division

106 lbs
1st- Michael Quintero (Beaumont)
2nd- Ashley Munoz (Beaumont)
3rd- Daniel Galvan (Pounders)


152 lbs
1st- Chemezie Uzowuru (Cataline’s Wildcats)
2nd- Joe Rodriguez (Beaumont)
3rd- Blake Stevenson (Redlands East Valley)

113 lbs
1st- Austin Chavez (Wolfpack)
2nd- Ashley Munoz (Beaumont)
3rd- Michael Quintero (Beaumont)


160 lbs
1st- Mark Aceval (San Jacinto)
2nd- CC Ramirez (Beaumont)
3rd- John Fiedler (Serrano)


120 lbs
1st- Sam Aguilar (Chaffey)
2nd- Christian Face (San Jacinto)
3rd- Daniel Carrillo (San Jacinto)


170 lbs
1st- Agustin Marquez (Shadow Hills)
2nd- Damian Williams (Beaumont)
3rd- John Fiedler (Serrano)


126 lbs
1st- Branden Vasquez (JW North)
2nd- Sam Aguilar (Chaffey)
3rd- Michael Stevenson (Redlands East Valley)


195 lbs
1st- Corey Martinez (Chaffey)
2nd- Jeff Villavicencio (Beaumont)
3rd- Damian Williams (Beaumont)


132 lbs
1st- Lee Valdez (Beaumont)
2nd- Alex Smith (Beaumont)
3rd- Pablo Zarate (AB Miller)


220 lbs
1st- Kaulin Garcia (Damien)
2nd- Josh Mendoza (Serrano)
3rd- Tyler Bomberger (Beaumont)


138 lbs
1st- Billy Looney (Cataline’s Wildcats)
2nd- Alex Smith (Beaumont)
3rd- Pete Varela (Serrano)


1st- Evan Roberts (Beaumont)
2nd- Jose Chavez (Wolfpack)
3rd- Andrew Voight (Beaumont)


140 lbs
1st- Ulises Zarate (AB Miller)
2nd- Marco Corrales (Wolfpack)
3rd- Mario Tapia (Wolfpack)


1st- Rene Escobero (San Jacinto)
2nd- Michael Sambran (Empire Judo)
3rd- Josh Mendoza (Serrano)


145 lbs
1st- Marco Corrales (Wolfpack)
2nd- Jake Ceja (Desert Mirage)
3rd- Martin Espinoza (Chaffey)


*CSDR – California School for the Deaf, Riverside

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