About Us

The SPWAAU is a wrestling organization created to benefit and improve the quality of kid organizations, wrestling clubs, and  teams regardless of race creed, sex, economic status or ability and to be competitive with other programs in Southern California.    


 1. To inspire youth and adults to practice ideals of good character, sportsmanship, and fellowship with others of different ethnic groups and affiliations.   2. To promote wholesome activities with emphasis on safety and intelligent supervision.   3. To keep the health and welfare of the wrestlers first and foremost.   4. To provide instruction in fundamental and advanced wrestling skills in students of all ages.   5. To continue growth and education in wrestling tournaments an clinics, coaching techniques, and international events.    


Chairman – John Abad

Phone: (909) 333-9560

Email: john.abad@me.com


Tournament Director – David Cardoza

Phone: (909)  361-8206

  Webmaster – Suzzie  Cardoza

Phone: (909)  361-8205